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A Community of Lightworkers

About us

Children of Infinity is a transformational space dedicated to serving lightworkers. Our community offers guidance, tools, and fellowship to help lightworkers cultivate their gifts and blossom to their highest potential.

Your Journey as a Lightworker

Lightworkers are beings who consciously follow the path of Light. A lightworker’s purpose is to recognize and cultivate their inner Light and share it to illuminate the path of others.

Here are the three stages of your evolution as a Lightworker:

  1. Beginner: The journey begins with a spiritual awakening, often rooted in a spiritual crisis such as:

    • Dissatisfaction with the mass programming that dictates you to consume, accumulate, and seek power over others. This dissatisfaction leads you to seek a higher purpose for being on the planet.

    • A personal crisis in your relationships, health, or finances. The crisis shakes your world and requires you to pay attention to the spiritual dimension.

    • A chance encounter with a carrier of higher consciousness. These may include books, teachings, or people who attune you to a higher spiritual reality.

  2. Intermediate: You recognize your higher purpose and are doing the work to cultivate your gifts. You might have started sharing your gifts with others.

  3. Advanced: Your gifts have been developed to a superior degree. You’re already sharing your gifts with others, but you may need some fine-tuning, guidance, and synergy to make your highest contribution.

Results and Transformations

With Children of Infinity, you can expect the following results within a year:

  1. Attain spiritual peace: Although peace is our natural state, most people do not experience it because of incorrect assumptions about the nature of reality. By working with a model of spirituality that is aligned with Science (rather than Religion) you will have access to new ways of thinking and a new technology. This new worldview is rooted in Quantum Mechanics, the science that has given us microprocessors and lasers.

  2. Experience higher states of consciousness: True spirituality is about direct experience, not concepts. You will be initiated into guided meditations that put you in touch with core energies from the Source Field - the Quantum field that underlies all consciousness and matter. These energies transform your core programs (called Samskaras in Sanskrit) that create behavior patterns.

  3. Live a life aligned with your higher purpose: You will acquire the clarity, guidance, and tools to live a life aligned with your Soul purpose. It may sound strange, but you chose that purpose before incarnating in this reality.

The 12 Steps to Transformation

You can achieve the results above because of a scientific approach to transformation – beginning at the foundation of beliefs and supporting it through the structure of transformative practices. The 12 steps are shown in the diagram below.

Our Community

Three qualities differentiate a community from a group:

  1. Mutual concern: Members of a true community care about each other. In contrast, members of a group share a common interest but not necessarily concern for each other.
  2. Shared values: These define the identity and the ideological boundary of a community. People who do not share these values do not fit in the community.
  3. Structure of progression: A community provides a clear growth path through roles. At a bare minimum, the three community roles include Visitor, Member, and Leader. Through the progression, people express higher internal growth and, correspondingly, higher responsibilities: 
    • A visitor may attend events but has no emotional investment in the community. 
    • A member is part of the community and has an investment in growing with the community. 
    • A leader provides value to the community through knowledge and service. 

This progression is sometimes described using ‘Inner rings’. The growth is represented by going from outer rings (which represent minimal involvement) to inner rings.

About the Founder

Dr. K Narayan has a unique background - a Ph.D. in Quantum Mechanics and more than 25 years of spiritual practice with masters from India. His mission is to raise planetary consciousness by aligning our spiritual worldview with science rather than materialism or religion.